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Gap year Asia

Why not spend some of your gap year in Asia? Jungle, mountain, forest and beach – all good reasons. Asia is a popular gap year destination and for good reason.

Adventure travel Asia

Trek through jungle to visit really old communities, keep your balance on bamboo rafts, take a trip on motorbike or kayak up the river. Have an adventure and travel through Asia.

Student travel Asia

Asia has been the hottest student travel destination for ages. Thailand, Nepal and India have all been welcoming students for decades (maybe your parents?) And now there are lots of cool new places to think about. Be the first of your friends to do Mongolia or French colonial Vietnam.

Volunteer work Asia

Get involved in the life and culture of Asian countries from the inside – volunteer to work in Asia. Lots of trips you can do with a big volunteering component – everything from wildlife conservation to building houses, teaching children to helping in health clinics.

Asia Tours
All Asia Tours All Asia

The land of colour and culture! Spellbinding cities, off the beaten track villages and the promise of adventure. Tick Asia off your bucket list!

Top Asia Trips
Bali Tours Bali

Discover Indonesia's most famous island, Bali! Small in size, but big on adventure, you can explore beautiful beaches, incredible marine life, dense jungles, and more.

Top Bali Trips
Cambodia Tours Cambodia

Cambodia is proof that you don't need to be rich to be beautiful! If you're looking for a gap year that's big on discovery, Cambodia could be the place for you.

Top Cambodia Trips
China Tours China

These are exciting times to visit China, so it's ideal for gap year travel. It may be emerging as an economic superpower, but it's still a country in development.

Top China Trips
India Tours India

For the gap year traveller, India has long been the one to beat. It's not just a country but an entire (sub)continent, and it has the star attractions to match.

Top India Trips
Indonesia Tours Indonesia

Indonesia brings the gap year traveller the gift of almost endless variety. An archipelago of more than 17,000 islands, from beach paradise to dense jungle.

Top Indonesia Trips
Japan Tours Japan

The country's capital, Tokyo, ranks as one of the most modern and fast-paced cities in the world and the local people always welcome tourists due to their fascination with Western cultures.

Top Japan Trips
Jordan Tours Jordan

With vast streching deserts, hidden ancient cities carved from rock, and stunning coastlines, Jordan is an incredible introduction to the Middle East! Explore the Lost City of Petra, float in the Dead Sea, one of the world's lowest...

Top Jordan Trips
Laos Tours Laos

If you're looking to go well and truly off the beaten track and discover a new part of the world, Laos's the one. It's a firm Real Gap Experience favourite; it's fresh and exciting.

Top Laos Trips
Malaysia Tours Malaysia

For the gap year traveller, Malaysia is a two-for-one. There's the peninsula with its Chinese and Indian flavours, and then across the South China Sea there are the wild rainforests of Borneo.

Top Malaysia Trips
Nepal Tours Nepal

Nepal offers travellers a taste of adventure. From snow-capped mountain views to adrenaline-fuelled excursions, this destination makes for a dynamic and distinctive gap year!

Top Nepal Trips
Philippines Tours Philippines

A patchwork of over 7,000 islands unite to make the Philippines a picture perfect paradise. It's perfect for exploration, featuring volcanoes, vibrant cities, and lovely locals!

Top Philippines Trips
Sri Lanka Tours Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka takes the gap year to new heights. Tropical treks, exotic elephants and vibrant culture make this destination unlike any other. Sri Lanka beckons!

Top Sri Lanka Trips
Thailand Tours Thailand

Every traveller wants a taste of Thailand! Epic nightlife, spiritual sites, beautiful beaches and buzzing cities - what more could you need? Thailand invites you to an incredible gap year!

Top Thailand Trips
Vietnam Tours Vietnam

Vietnam offers intriguing history as well as modern magic. Unbeatable street food, welcoming locals and iconic sights make Vietnam a hedonistic hub of high-octane fun!

Top Vietnam Trips