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Gap year Spain

Step away from the crowded coastline of the Costas and you’ll find a country with stirring landscapes, cultural riches, dramatically diverse regions and a passionate heart. The scenery is highly varied, from the lush green of Galicia to the rugged volcanic vistas of the Canaries, the cities are often spectacular (think the giddying Moorish architecture of Seville and fantastical Gaudi-scapes in Barcelona) the art is boundary pushing (Picasso, Salvador Dali) and the beaches are golden. Spaniards themselves are fun-loving with more fiestas than you can shake a stick at and a love of eating tapas and drinking rioja, long into the night. All in all, it’s a top-notch destination for a gap year.

Adventure travel Spain

Spain has ample opportunities for adventure, from the world’s most dangerous footpath to a zipline between countries. Surfers will find the coolest surf scene on the planet in Santander, Majorca offers one of the most dramatic ascents in Europe for keen cyclists, and Andalucía is a mecca for rock climbers, hiking enthusiasts and lovers of kayaking alike.

Student travel Spain

The fun-loving, nocturnal culture of Spain lends itself well to student travel and it’s brilliantly affordable. Spanish is also one of the most widely spoken languages in the world - language students will have a field day here.

Spain Tours

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