Travel Store

Looking for some essential kit to take with you on your travels? Then look no further! Here at the Real Gap Experience Travel Store we've made your planning and preparation really easy by putting all your travel essentials in one place.

We've partnered up with several companies to offer you a large variety of great products and discounts. From hiking boots to backpacks, travel insurance to foreign currency, you'll find what you are looking for here!

Get a Visa

It is important to check you have the correct visas and travel documents for the countries you are travelling to and therefore we have teamed up with visa experts, The Travel Visa Company, who can offer advice and help you purchase visas for any countries needed.

Book a Hostel

Plan your accommodation and book it securely online, through Real Gap Experience. Search hostels around the world based on price or availability.

Wise Travel Money Card

Designed for spending while you're abroad. Load it easily online and spend securely whilst travelling the world. Works with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Travel Insurance

Of course you are free to buy insurance from any provider, however at Real Gap Experience, we have travel insurance that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of global gap travel.

Travel Safety Course

Our one day course is specifically designed to make sure you are prepared for your travels and that you know as much as possible about travelling safely on your trip.

Get a Tax Refund

Paid tax whilst working in Australia, New Zealand, USA or Thailand? You may be eligible to claim it back! Past customers have received a refund for some countries of up to £1600! TaxBack are specialists in assisting you in getting your refund without the stress of lots of paperwork.