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Gap year Asia

Mexico is an incredible country to discover as a traveller not only for its diversity and culture, but also for its outstanding natural beauty – think sweeping white sand coastline, rich and rocky terrain, and colourful towns and cities. The people of Mexico are a warm and welcoming bunch, who take pride in their heritage and are happy to share that with the flock of visitors they receive each year. You’ll find a whole host of intriguing traditions and history on your travels through most Central American countries, but Mexico’s is perhaps one of the most varied. From Ancient Mayan ruins, noisy mariachis, and the obligatory tequila-fuelled night out on the tiles, you’re guaranteed a good time no matter what your interests are.

Adventure travel Mexico

A mix of bustling cities, brightly coloured towns, idyllic beaches, and astonishingly beautiful national parks rich with wildlife, Mexico is a traveller’s dream as it ticks every box so far as adventure is concerned. Besides discovering this fantastic country for its wealth of beautiful landscape and culture, there are heaps of exciting activities for the adrenalin junkies among you. Diving courses, snorkelling, horse riding, temple trekking, zip-lining, and bungee jumping are just a few of the fun things you can do while travelling through Mexico. Make time to visit the national parks too – they’re filled with natural waterfalls, rocky cliff edges, curious wildlife, and breathtaking views.

Student travel Asia

As with most countries, you’ll find cities and tourist areas in Mexico are more costly than if you travel off the beaten track, but having said that, Mexico is generally a pretty budget-friendly country to visit. Eat the local cuisine rather than ordering imported goods – it’s nicer anyway, and suss out what sorts of activities you think you’d like to take part in before you go. It’s amazing how little you can get by on if you put in the legwork and do a little research before your travels. Mexico is becoming a popular destination for student travellers, so you’ll be in good company as you hop from location to location here, and there are still plenty of undisturbed little pockets of paradise, free from swarms of tourists, just waiting to be discovered.
Mexico Tours

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