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Gap Year Morocco

Morocco is a treat for the senses; the sights, sounds, and smells alone are worth travelling to this fantastic northern African country. Your time can easily be filled by simply stepping outside your accommodation and taking a leisurely walk. You'll come across gorgeous scenery, fascinating towns, and charming people wherever you are in Morocco. Spend time discovering your immediate surroundings, local tanneries, potteries, and other hand-crafting workshops happily show interested visitors around, and larger towns and cities always have live performances, events, and street acts to keep the masses entertained. Head out of busy areas to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere along the coast, or to get back to nature in small mountain retreats and desert camps.

Adventure travel Morocco

Morocco's natural landscape was made for adventure, whether you're an explorer by foot, or an all- out thrill seeker, there's plenty going on to make your heart skip a beat. Trek the dusty red trails through the Todra Gorge for a decent workout and breathtaking views, go skiing in the snow-capped peaks of the beautiful Atlas Mountains, ride a camel across mammoth sand dunes and camp out in the Sahara, go kite surfing on the Atlantic coast, or take a trail bike through the forests and valleys of the Anti Atlas Mountains. If you're content with simply looking around and discovering a bit of culture and tradition, medinas and souks are the places to wander around and offer a colourful insight into different cities and regions in Morocco.

Student Travel Morocco

Morocco is generally a warm and welcoming country, so when you get lost, which you inevitably will at some point, you'll always find a friendly face willing to offer directions if not back to your hotel, at least to a cosy cafe selling delicious pastries and fresh mint tea at a bargain price. In fact, as far as prices go, Morocco is a pretty budget-friendly location, if you want it to be. You won't miss out on traditional architecture and beautiful mosaic-decorated retreats when you choose budget or hostel accommodation here, and while there's plenty of affordable luxury to be found, there are a ton of free activities and places without entrance fees to discover. Private transport costs should be negotiated before travel, but other than that, it's pretty easy to get from A to B.

Morocco Tours

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