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Gap year USA

The United States has anything you might hope for from a gap year. This is your chance to take your time exploring one of the most exciting and outgoing countries in the world. Broadly speaking, the further south you go the less like Europe it gets, but you’ll find as much excitement in the northern cities of Seattle or Portland as you will in Charleston or Dallas.

Adventure travel USA

The USA has adventure travel to go. There’s the prehistoric grandeur of the Grand Canyon, the enormous sequoias in Yosemite or the geysers of Yellowstone. And you can make your own adventure by driving down the west coast on Route 1 from California to New Mexico, or across the country from New York to Los Angeles.  

Student travel USA

In the USA, you can live on almost any budget, so it’s excellent for student travel. Choose your dream and follow it: music-lovers can head to Memphis or Nashville, surfers to California or Hawaii, Western fans to Dakota, party animals to Las Vegas. Or you can do it all.

Volunteer work

We can connect you with volunteer work, both paid and unpaid, in the USA. Choose between wildlife rescue projects and conservation work with gibbons, or even working on a ranch.


USA Tours

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