Gap year Asia

Why not spend some of your gap year in Asia? Jungle, mountain, forest and beach – all good reasons. Asia is a popular gap year destination and for good reason.

Adventure travel Asia

Trek through jungle to visit really old communities, keep your balance on bamboo rafts, take a trip on motorbike or kayak up the river. Have an adventure and travel through Asia.

Student travel Asia

Asia has been the hottest student travel destination for ages. Thailand, Nepal and India have all been welcoming students for decades (maybe your parents?) And now there are lots of cool new places to think about. Be the first of your friends to do Mongolia or French colonial Vietnam.

Asia Boats

Volunteer work Asia

Get involved in the life and culture of Asian countries from the inside – volunteer to work in Asia. Lots of trips you can do with a big volunteering component – everything from wildlife conservation to building houses, teaching children to helping in health clinics.