#MyRealExperience - GoPro WINNER

Hey peeps! First off we would like to say a MASSIVE THANKS for all of your amazing entries into our #MyRealExperience Instagram feed so far! With so many awesome pics to choose from we really did struggle to decide on our GoPro prize winner. On the plus side, keep your Grammin’ up as we’ll be announcing some NEW PRIZES for you soon!

*Drumroll please*… CONGRATULATIONS LAURA WINTER!!! We LOVE your ‘Hands-Up at Halong Bay’ post.

@laura.winterArrived in Halong Bay! One of the most incredible places. #vietnam #halongbay #travel #MyRealExperience

We caught up with Laura to discuss her travels around Vietnam and the moment she snapped the winner.

‘I have well and truly caught the travel bug! It all started last year when I did the Thailand experience with Real Gap Experience and ever since I have been hooked on travelling!’ Laura Winter.

RGE: So WHY did you pick VIETNAM?
LW: There are many reasons why I chose to travel to Vietnam as it has been one of the top places to go on my bucket list. I have always been fascinated by the country's history and I wanted to immerse myself in their culture and experience a completely different way of life.

RGE: What was your HIGHLIGHT of the trip?
LW: There were countless highlights of the trip but one that really stands out in my mind was the trekking week in the hills of Sa Pa. Sa Pa has the most spectacular views of deep valleys and steep mountainsides with winding rice paddy fields. It was also a really invaluable experience and a great opportunity to learn about Vietnamese culture as we trekked alongside the Black H'Mong Hill tribe who practiced their English with us. We also visited the local village where they lived and made their traditional indigo clothing. 

RGE: Most UNEXPECTED moment?
LW: The most unexpected moment has to be the size of the insects in Cuc Phuong National Park. On one occasion there was a spider the size of a tennis racket in the shower and I got so stressed out by the size of it that I started to have a nose bleed! Who knew spiders could be so big?! 

RGE: Tell us about your PICTURE (Hands-Up at Halong Bay)…
LW: *Put your hands in the air if you love Halong Bay*. The picture is taken on the top deck of the boat cruise which takes you right through the centre of Halong Bay. Everyone's hands were up because we really were loving the whole experience (inspired by the classic Titanic pose). Halong Bay is one of the most breath taking places I have ever visited and a real hidden gem. It was lovely to relax on the top of the deck and cruise around the tranquil bay.

RGE: WHERE is NEXT on the travel bucket list?
LW: I would really like to travel to Australia next or head back to Thailand as there is always so much to explore there! In fact the whole travel experience has encouraged me to always try new things and not to be afraid of being out of your comfort zone (including big spiders!). 

So there we have it, if your travel taste buds are tingling after reading up on Laura’s spectacular trip to Vietnam then CHECK OUT OUR AWESOME VIETNAM EXPERIENCE ---> HERE <---

Until next time, BIG LOVE

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