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8 reasons why your home life is just plain harsh

Travelling ruins your life. Why? Because it just makes everything at home seem too damn boring.

Travelling, we love to hate you. Why?!

1) Porridge vs pad thai. With lumps and bumps in all the wrong places, we know what we'd rather be eating; spices n' all.

2) Even when the sun shines in the UK (which let's face it, isn't now) it's never as bright as it is in Thailand. F***.

3) We love feeling sand inbetween our toes, not murky puddles that have leaked into our favourite boots. Soggy feet ain't the one.

4) When you're away, you can talk to the people you actually want to talk to (no small talk necessary). Don't want to make incessant small talk to *that* person? Don't! Don't want to mutter a measly hello to your mate on the bus? SKIP IT. Skype driving you mad? Put the webcam straight down and leave it another day or two! It's harsh but extremely fair

5) Your idea of relaxing at home = on sofa, scoffing chocolate. Your idea of kicking back on holiday? In a hammock, under a palm tree on the beach. Greattttttttt.

6) The morning commute on holiday? One minute to the sea. At home? An hour to the stinkin' office. WAHAY. (We especially love it when trains and buses break down, that makes it even better)

7) Excel/reports/work doesn't exist when you're away and to be honest, that's all we need to know.

8) Because travelling really is one of the best things in the world (can we get an 'awwwwwwwwwwww'?). But the icing on the cake? Finding that balance which suits both you, and your home life. BOOM.

Want to get away to ditch off 'home stuff' for a bit? Let's go!

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