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ALERT: The end is near!

We cannot believe one of our favourite months, September, is already coming to a close! How can this be? And does that REALLY mean the sale is about to end?

And unfortunately... yes, yes it does! (I know, we can hardly believe it either!). So if you're looking to book on a trip of a lifetime, now really is the time to do it.

Want some inspiration? Here's a selection of three trips to tickle your tastebuds:

Australia Paid Work- Want to work abroad and get some experience whilst get stuck in with working life in another country? Then this trip is perfect for you! With our Aussie Paid Work package, you'll be getting a helping hand from Team RG to land your perfect casual job- and whilst you're there you can get cosy with Aussie life and meet a whole load of new travellers on the way! Sound ace? Course!

South Africa Big 5- How many people do you know who can say they've helped out on a Big 5 reserve? No one? Yeah, thought so! By volunteering on our awesome reserve, you'll be getting stuck in with the rangers and seeing what life in rural South Africa ia all about.

Sri Lanka Sea Turtle and Community Volunteers- Volunteering is a fantastic way to contribute to wildlife conservation, and by lending a hand on our project you'll be setting turtles back into the wild once they've hatched, and keeping them safe from poachers. Important job, but incredibly rewarding!

Got any questions, or need more inspiration? Find us on Twitter and drop @Real_Gap a tweet if you could do with a helping hand/a bit of advice!

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