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Christmas Down Under

Me and Becky were a bit dubious about what Christmas would be like away from our families. It's the first time either of us have been away at this time of year, so we were thinking it would be really strange and we'd miss people too much. Well, even though we did miss people, we had such a fab Christmas Day!
Us and the Real gap Sydney Intro gang spent the holidays together, as were all away from our families. We started out on Christmas Eve, Becky and EJ went shopping for all the food for the big day. Thankfully the shops stay open till late Christmas Eve, so no fear there! Becky then stayed at EJs house and helped prepare everything, with a few films and drinks in there as well.  The big day arrived and we all met at EJs house to start the cooking, have a few drinks and watch some cheesy Christmas TV. We were not disappointed! I have to say, the food was amazing, big well done to us! We were planning to go to the beach, but we must have brought the English weather with us as it rained all day! We had visits from Sam, Lucie and Charlotte, who are all fellow Real Gappers and enjoyed the day. Several mandatory calls to home throughout were welcome, and a surprise gift from EJ topped off everything off!
We made some great friends on our Real Gap Sydney Intro that we know we're going to be friends with for such a long time. It was great that we were able to spend the day with them and enjoy the festivities!
Catch you later!
Melissa and Becky

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