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Dan's guide to Melbourne

Last August Dan was given the amazing opportunity to head Down Under and work in our Australian office in Melbourne. Was he going to turn that opportunity down? Course not! As Dan's now lived in Australia for six months, we thought we'd ask him about his time in Australia and what it's really like to live in one of the world's most liveable cities...

"Best mood: One of the best things about Melbourne is it's Suburbs. Whatever mood you're in, they're great to explore! St Kilda, Richmond, Windsor, Brunswick and Fitzroy to name just a few, are awesome! The great thing about the 'burbs is that there is something for everyone at a stones throw from the city. The Suburbs offer a great escape from the city every now and then to cater for your desired vibe. Each is unique and different and I love getting out and exploring! (Check out this website for more --> http://www.au.timeout.com/melbourne/area-guide)

Best food: I've done my fair share of travelling and I never thought i would say this, but Melbourne Is up there for the best food I have ever had whilst away from home. Melbourne is a melting pot of different cultures. The city is home to residents from 180 countries, who speak over 233 languages and dialects. For some inspiration head over to Movida. A Melbourne Instituition. http://movida.com.au/ and http://www.urbanspoon.com/blogger-reviews/71/7848/melbourne-food-snob-melbourne

Best drink: Melbourne is renowned for its coffee. So much so that I must admit I have never been a fan of coffee. but Melbourne has converted me! I am now an official coffee snob. The city is swarmed with quirky coffee shops from converted warehouses to pop-up coffee shops. You can find them around every corner, and even on some rooftops!

Best think: I love all things urban and Melbourne is known as one of the worlds great street art capitals. I often wake up early put my headphones in and head into to the streets in search of new street art that is born every day. Head to the famous Hozier Lane for a taster. Check out - http://www.thatsmelbourne.com.au/Placestogo/PublicArt/Pages/StreetArt.aspx



Best thrill: Music. Melbourne does not dissappoint on the festival and music front. Great venues like the ESPY in St Kilda, The Forum on Flinders or 170 Russell are great places to catch a gig! Melbourne has festivals coming out of its ears too: Laneway Festival, Stereosonic, Listenout, Future, Moomba are all based here. On New Years you are within easy reach to the amazing Falls Festival too!

Best spill: Melbourne is a great base to visit the amazing wineries dotted around Victoria. There's about 800 of them! Thats right, you heard.... there's about 800 of them! Check out http://www.visitvictoria.com/Things-to-do/Food-and-wine/Wineries for more.

Best flight: Flying from rooftop to rooftop: Melbourne has "heaps" of rooftop bars. Any visit to Melbourne has to include a visit to Brunswick Street's 'Naked in the Sky'. It's an awesome bar with panoramic views of the city. Hungry? That's ok! Jump in the lift and descend down to the ground floor for some awesome finger food at Naked for Satan.  http://www.nakedforsatan.com.au/naked-in-the-sky/

Best sight: Sounds cliche, but there must be something in the sky out here; the sunsets out here are pretty killer. St Kilda offers some great sunsets but to be honest expect to experience them everywhere. In the city, by the Yarra River, by the beach or maybe a bit further out in the suburbs - they're all brilliant. They blow me away time after time! Check out my instgram account see for yourself! (@danteuma)



Best smell: Shock those nasal receptors with a visit down to Victoria Market every Wednesday night. Food from around the world, music, fashion and all sorts goes on here: http://www.qvm.com.au/night-market/

Best dwell: So for me it was important to find a bar to call home. In steps SECTION 8, Tattersalls Lane which is smack bang in the middle of the city. The bar comprises of two shipping containers; the decor is cool with some awesome graffiti and wooden pallets for tables and chairs. You will probably find me there for a cheeky Sunday sesh!  http://section8.com.au/index.php#/home

Lastly I would like to finish off by recommending a website that has become my best friend. Broadsheet Melbourne. The information and up to date events and tips are second to none be sure to save this to your favourites upon your arrival down under and into the urban streets of Melbs. http://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/"

Want to see Melbourne for yourself? Work Down Under and not only will you earn roughly $20-25 AN HOUR, but you'll get international experience on your CV too! 

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