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Getting Ready for your Big Trip!


Preparing for your summer adventure can be a task and a half, so- because all of us Real Gappers are ridiculously nice- we’ve put together a top class guide to help you get into order. Today we’re going to be talking about all things ‘packing’- so get your backpack/suitcase in gear and let’s get ready to roll (...those suitcases through departures)!

‘Case, or backpack? We’d usually always go with the latter, but it really does depend on what adventure you’ve booked yourself on. If you’re only travelling to a single location then a suitcase serves its purpose, but if you’re going to be travelling all over the shot then it’s definitely worth investing in a good backpack. They’re so much easier to move around, and if you look out for one with a good waist support, you’ll be sorted!

Write yourself a list! We’d always suggest that you guys write yourselves a list a week before you depart. Then, as you go, you can jot stuff down as you remember different bits and bobs- perfecto! A little first aid kit with medical supplies (paracetamol, rehydration sachets, Imodium, cold & flu medicine) and then plasters, antiseptic cream/wipes etc is always a good idea, especially as travelling abroad can leave you feeling a bit worse for wear for the first day or so, and then there are the clothes...

Take a variety of gear! Believe it or not it doesn’t just rain in England (it definitely feels like it though!)- showers in Asia, the US and Australia are hardcore downpours so it’s definitely worth packing a rain coat of some sort. We also recommend clothes that you can easily layer so you can change up your looks a bit- and a decent pair of shoes if you’ve got a few days of trekking in your itinerary! Usually there will be a chance for you to hit a laundrette during your time away, and clothes are generally cheaper abroad anyway so don’t worry if you don’t quite pack enough! (If you’re going on the Thailand Exp, we recommend that you hit the markets in Bangkok. It’s all so cheap!).

Sun cream and after sun! ... are two of the most important things that should definitely be in your case. On a portion of our trips the temperatures will be lower, but if you’re travelling to Asia, the Americas or Australia- then don’t forget to bring some with you!

Remember those travel documents... Remember to print off a copy of your travel insurance to bring with you; you never know who you might have to get in contact with!

Don’t forget the boring bits- Phone chargers, extra socks, those mini travel toiletries that smell oh so good... it’s so easy to forget the smaller things- so make sure you’ve got them all! (We always, without fail- forget to pack shampoo! Dohhhh!).

Want to get organised before your trip? Pop back for more posts on how to get ship shape for your summer adventure!

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