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Introducing Our #REALChinaBlogger

So here we are people, one month on from our epic #REALChinaBlogger competition. Before we announce the lucky winner we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all the incredible entries that came in from all corners of the globe! Making this decision has been extremely difficult, one which we needed the help of our friends over at Cathay Pacific& Fujifilm to pick a worthy winner - ready to head out and report on our 27 Day China Experience!!!

We've been reading through all the amazing entries, searching for a creative individual who is super passionate about travelling, has an infectious personality and a strong desire to immerse themselves in new cultures, oh and before we forget... sharing all their experiences along the way! We hope you guys agree with us... we've got an awesome blogger for you!!!








Gee took a gap year last July travelling across Europe and hitting up India (video below), she now wants to continue seeing the world before starting university. Having started her own blog ( , it has allowed Gee to flourish creatively, documenting all her memories along the way. Gerogia's Instagram is well worth checking out too, with some stunning photography: @geeography_. Through her communications Georgia has a great ability of being fun, engaging, professional and informative. We are really looking forward to seeing her out in China later this year!


Check out Gee's footage from India...


We asked Gee to Vlog herself presenting her favourite Chinese dish - here's what she hit back with...


Well there you have it people, we promise to keep you guys in the loop on our fantastic #REALChinaBlogger and when you can expect to see Georgia loving life in China this summer!

Catch you soon & thanks again for all the brilliant entries, 

Team Real Gap Experience


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