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It's Trek Time: Hints and Tips for Climbing Massive Mountains!

Thinking about doing something incredible this year? Here at RG we love getting our teeth stuck into a new challenge and three of us have completed the Kilimanjaro climb. RG's Sophie is now planning on hitting Everest Base Camp too! So, when @LeighannJordan asked us for some advice for her trek up to Everest BC, we thought we'd put together some hints and tips!

- Get yourself the best day pack that the world has ever seen! Inside, consider packing good waterproofs (not showerproof - but actually waterproof!) good boots, socks, thermals, water bottle (either a bladder or a proper metal one), trekking poles, good gloves (rather than mittens, as holding trekking poles can prove tricky!) SUN CREAM #essential and a good first aid kit!

- Layers are important as, especially with the Everest Base Camp climb, you'll be boiling for a few days then freezing the higher you get!
- With Everest, you may trek through Nepal to start the trek and if so, you'll likely be staying at tea houses along the way. Prepare yourself with anything you may need, such as anti-bac gel and a sleeping bag (or at least a liner) in case you need them!
- Nepal: There will be shops in the little villages through the first few areas (we've even heard there’s even a fake Starbucks in Namche Bazaar haha!) so you won’t need to worry too much about water for the first bit - as you'll be able to buy it out there.
- The higher you get with any trek, you'll need to start thinking about water purifying tablets. TIP: chlorine tastes MUCH nicer than iodine, or even better - a water filter bottle. Beware of the old purse strings though, as they are expensive.
- Pack snacks, as generally throughout treking time you'll be eating the same meal and it breaks up the flavour a bit! Sometimes there are shops along the way, but remember everything has to be carried up the mountains so it’ll be expensive!
- Remember to bring a tip for the porters! (Carrying your big load up the mountain for you? Priceless!)
Got any questions about trekking? Tweet us at @Real_Gap!

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