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Packing Up!

At Real Gap HQ, we're always getting asked about packing, the bain of a travellers life. It's SO easy to forget something, and seriously- we feel all of your pain! So, want some packing tips? Step this way travelling fiend...

1. Research the climate from top to bottom! Sometimes assumptions can overcome logic. 'It's going to be BOILING in Thailand, I'll take shorts!' (thought Bob). Well, Bob thought wrong! Yes, it may be absolutely scorching hot in the tropical Thailand, but there's also a rainy season (generally August-Oct but this varies per region) and before you know it, Bob could've gone all the way to Thailand with no waterproofs to his name! Knowledge is power, after all.

2. Write a list... and separate it into subsections. Everytime we go away we always forget something on our wash/make up lists (be it shampoo, mascara, a toothbrush- you name it and we've probably forgotten it!) and with the all essential list, you can't really go wrong!

3. First Aid Not that we like expecting the worst, but it's always worth packing: parcetamol, Imodium, Senokot, bite cream, your prescription if you have one (along with a letter to prove it's for you for any customs stops!) rehydration sachets, contraception, antiseptic cream and plasters in case of any travel dramas. Sounds like a lot, but it could save the day in any hours of need!

4. Cheap, layer worthy clothes- If you're going away for a month, you're going to get bored of the limited clothes you could pack quickly. By taking versatile, easy to wear clothing, it'll be much easy to mix and match your outfits so you're not always in the same, standard 'Hollister hoody and denim shorts' combo. Think of the FB photos guys! AND if you're going treking as a part of your experience, it's more than worth investing in a pair of amazing treking boots/sturdy trousers.

5. Got the docs? Passport, visa, tickets, travelling insurance documents, driving passport. You get the drill...

Once you've packed the bare necessities- aka, the framed famous five above, you're pretty much ready to roll! If you do have any more questions for us, feel free to drop us a tweet at @real_gap. 

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