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Travel Essentials in Australia

It's Sophie here! As I've been in Aus for the last six months I'm starting to get to know some of the bigger cities pretty well now, and I remember thinking it was really hard to think what to pack just before I left. So to help you guys out- here are my top tips for what to pack in Aus!

Passport- Check. Visa, Check. Tickets, Check. Mother's credit card for emergencies... 

Listed above are all the things you KNOW are essentials. Without them, you'd hardly get further than your front door, let alone to another country. But have you ever thought what essentials you'll need along the way in order to make your travels enjoyable? No? Well lucky that fairy Godmother Sophie is here to help you!

1. Ipod- Dream of coming to Aus, living the stereotypical surf lifestyle? Then you're going to have to get 'In tune' (awful pun- I apologise!) with the 'rad' music ... Think chilled out Ben Howard for the beach, Swedish House Mafia to get you ready for the festivals and just about anything else to drown out your hostel mate's snoring! An Ipod is one of lifes essentials when you are on the road- as is a subscription to Spotify, meaning no downloading on the road but you can still stay up to date with the latest music using offline playlists. 

2. A Kindle: Want to be 'that' traveller, who sits by the fire, quoting Artistotle, comparing his words to your latest life changing experience? Don't really have a clue who all these famous philosophers are but want to be in the crowd? Cheat, grab yourself a Kindle and swot up on long coach journeys. 

3. Hostelbookers: Turning up in a new city but no clue where to stay? This website will be your lifeline. Here you are told, in back and white, the costs and availability, but also reviews from your fellow traveller which are worth their weight in gold. 

4. The Local Library: Don't have a laptop? Have a laptop but don't want to have to pay for expensive wifi? Head down to the local library where your computer needs will be answered. While you're there, you can also swot up on local history- which increases your knowledge, and therefore overall connection with your destination. 

5. Facebook, Twitter & Email: While at the library, take time to contact friends from back home, boast about your adventures and generally let them know you are well and good. Both parties involved will appreciate updates, photos and videos, as it helps re-create the experience for them at home, while knowing that you are safe and well. 

6. Lonely Planet: Pick them up from a hostel from the book swap: this will be your most comprehensive guide for wherever you are travelling- offering top tips for people of all tastes and budgets, as well as information of the local culture and history of the area. 

7. A Caxton FX Card: Jet- setting across countries? Then your greatest companion is a Caxton FX card, as it gives you the local currency without any costs. Much better than using your card from your home country- which can be VERY expensive. Much better to spend your hard- earned dollar on adventures rather than bank fees ;)

These are my top travelling essentials which have made my trip across Aus go smoothly- what are yours?!?! Pop your comment below to help your fellow traveller :) 

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