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Travel On Your Doorstep!

Sometimes us Brits take for granted the fact that we are part of such a diverse continent, when really, Europe has so much to offer! Maybe you don’t have the money, time or even the urge to travel to far flung places, but do not fear, Real Gap also offers great trips in and around Europe ranging from volunteering to activity adventures.

A great way to see the “best bits” of Europe is with our European Highlights Tour If you are short on time and want the big guns of Europe served up on a platter – this is the trip for you! Having done a 7-country-trip of Europe myself, I would highly recommend seeing the superb sights of cities like Berlin, Florence and Amsterdam!


Working/Interning in Europe is also an option for you non-British Real Gappers out there. Whether you want to gain an insight into business/finance, journalism or marketing, our London internships provide you with quality work experience and a great look into London Life.

This one sounds amazing: if only I wasn’t British!


Check out all our European trips here:

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