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Ultimate Year Out: RG's Sydney Intro- Part 1

Hi! We've been getting stuck in to Aussie life on the Real Gap Sydney Intro... so here's a run down of what you get up to at the start of your week!
Day 1 Monday - today's the day everyone arrives. You'll be able to check into the hostel anytime after 12, so if your flight arrives before that and you get to the hostel a bit early, you can wait in reception and use the wifi to send a message to let home know you've arrived safely (always nice to have a natter too). Once you get to your room, you'll be able to meet everyone else on your fun week, as the Aussies call it (and rightly so, it's immense!). This gives you a chance to get to know everyone, and if you've already introduced yourselves on Facebook/email via your buddy list, then you can meet everyone else in the bar downstairs! You can also head down to the office, where you can meet people, check out the jobs board and find out some more info about Sydney.
Day 2 Tuesday - this is when the fun starts. You'll meet your coordinator at the hostel and then hitch a ride on the Sydney Harbour Cruise, soaking up the sights (the Opera House, Sydney Harbour  Bridge... the lot!). You go to Watson's Bay and have the world's best fish and chips, then chill and play on the beach. Sadly it was a bit nippy when we were there so we skipped the beach and went up George Street and shopped :-)
Day 3 Wednesday - an early start this morning as there's a full day of wine tasting in store. We'd never been wine tasting before so we were a bit dubious, turns out it's hilarious! We got on a minibus to Hunter Valley and we had a tour guide to tell us all about Sydney and what we were doing that day. 4 wineries and 32 different types of wine later, we were knackered, and regretting not tipping out some of the wine after the first taste!
There's lots more in store for the rest of the week, including a trip to Bondi and a very embarrassing surfing lesson- so stay tuned for our next post! In the meantime, check out the Paid Work and Sydney Intro over on the RG site http://www.realgap.co.uk/australia-ultimate-aussie-and-fun-down-under

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