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#YOLO Americano!

We like offering a discount or three here at Real Gap, so we've decided to add the Americas along to our offer-ranks. Cheers! #YOLO

Rio de Janiero’s middle name is ‘party’ (trust us- we know him well; it’s what the Brazilians do best!). Want to party away the festive season? Join our ‘Best of Argentina and Brazil’ tour and you’ll be able to conquer Rio, explore the beauty that is Brazil and tango your way along the cosmopolitan streets of Buenos Aires. Why aren't we over there again?

If like us you’d like to ditch the UK for the gorgeous South America, then to partner our Brazilian bonanza we also have a trip of a lifetime that lets you soak up life in Rio as a footie coach. With the World Cup kicking off the summer after next, it’s the perfect time to don the boots and sharpen up your skills as you’ll spend your evenings having a kick about with the local kids. The accommodation is a stone’s throw away from the awesome Copacabana beach too - so during the day you’ll have all the time in the world to soak up the sun. After the coaching’s done, it’s on to the party’s baby!

If spending 24/7 beach and jungle bound sounds more your thing, then you can spend the festive season on the Galapagos Islands, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Hosting species known to only live on the archipelagos, the Galapagos is a haven for humans and animals alike- and on our trip you’ll have the opportunity to lend a hand and help the community and the animals. You’ll even get a chance to tour around the islands so keep your eyes peeled- you may just see something incredibly special! We also have a community trip to Guatemala under our belts too, so if you’d prefer to practice your teaching skills then you can.

But if you’re after an authentic American experience full of the all things US: the Hollywood Walk of Fame, McDonald’s cheeseburgers and Brad and Angelina to name a few- then it’s all about the big ‘USA 21 (or 7) Day Cross Country BLT tour. In short, it’s 21 days of pure thrill, going across the entire continent from New York to LA (or vice versa, if you’re wanting to mix things up). Bring on the good times! 

To find out more about our Americas offers, head over to Real Gap's website here.

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