Central America

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Although they have much in common, each country in Central America is quite different to the next and offers a unique experience – from swimming through the magical barrier reef off the coast of Belize, discovering the tallest Mayan structure in the world in Guatemala, soaking up the sunshine in Honduras, partying with the locals in Nicaragua, or getting swept up in the clouds in Costa Rica; there’s nowhere quite like Central America. As well as an abundance of fun activities – horse riding, dirt biking, sand boarding, zip lining, bungee jumping, and skydiving to name just a few, Central America has a fantastic water sports scene, with both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific at its disposal – making for fantastic scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, and paddleboarding opportunities.

Student travel Central America

Filled to the brim with astounding countryside, colourful townscapes, and fantastic wildlife, the landscape is heavily dominated by dramatic volcanic terrain, densely rich rainforests, and magnificent ancient Mayan ruins, and as such, there is plenty to do to make the most of your adventures. Central America attracts plenty of student travellers for its rich culture, beautiful landscape, fantastic climate, and purse-friendly living costs. If you’re not so bothered by throwing yourself out of planes or signing up to intensive scuba diving courses, you can easily keep costs relatively low but still have an amazing adventure by discovering the culture, incredible nature reserves, rural villages, and coffee plantations.

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Gap year Central America

A fantastic cluster of countries bridging the gap between North and South America, Central America is wrapped in culture, history, and outrageously stunning scenery. Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Panama are the countries that make up the region with Mexico sitting at the top as a gateway to all seven. You’ll find a complete mix of quaint and traditional towns, quiet urban countryside, lively cities, fantastic coastline, and tropical jungle dotted throughout, with a diverse and colourful array of wildlife and a number of historic Mayan temples.

Volunteer work Central America

There are so many opportunities to immerse yourself in true Central America, with a number of communities seeking help from volunteers. Turn your travels into life-enhancing experiences and carry out vital work by helping to repair and rebuild villages, look after vulnerable children, or conserve habitats and protect wildlife for future generations.