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Planning a Gap Year

Real Gap Experience's Gap Year Planner

So, you want to plan a gap year?! Great choice, you're not going to regret it! Here at Real Gap Experience, we're all about bringing the once in a lifetime experiences and locations to you, so you can see and do what you want during your very own gap year. Don't have a year you can take off? Don't worry, our trips start from a one week duration, and so you can go on your own mini adventure, whenever!


Long or short?

It depends whether you want to do it all at once, or one continent/country at a time! We understand that some people have a school or uni schedule to contend with, or if you're working a holiday allowance, and so we can tailor make your plan of action to suit you. 


How much will it cost?

The million dollar question! Thankfully, the answer isn't a million dollars! Gap year adventures can be as expensive as you want them to be, and can be done on a budget.

We also have the option to work abroad on your travels, so you can rack in the cash whilst you're exploring. For example, you could take up the working visa in Aus and then move onto South East Asia afterwards where the cost of living is considerably cheaper, result!


Volunteering, working, learning, travelling...?

Planning your adventure is so much fun! There are a ridiculous amount of options available to you- so that's where our guys come in handy. Our Travel Advisors seriously know their stuff- so if you want some advice about where you should go just give them a call! (If you need a bit of help to get started we can fully recommend the Thai Experience!)


Will I be safe?

As long as you're sensible, you almost certainly will be. Gap year adventures aren't 100 per cent foolproof, but then neither is a trip to your local cinema or shopping mall. Sometimes things don't go quite to plan, but one of the things that gap year adventures teach people is how to cope in unfamiliar situations. If you're a first time traveller, then our 'Experience' trips will probably be right up your street- they involve a group touring around the country (with a guide) together, and this can definitely make people feel more comfortable. 


Real Gap Experience has programmes in over 30 countries - so there really is something for everyone! Why not chase the sun around the globe - leave home for somewhere more tropical and plan your journey to follow your favourite season! You could make a list of all the places that really interest you. Are you sporty, cultural, artistic, a party goer? All of these elements of your personality will help us partner you up with the trip that'd most suit you