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Trip Highlights

  • Spend a week exploring and having fun in Auckland
  • Meet like-minded people and party with new friends in the city
  • Earn an average of NZ$15 per hour to fund your travels around New Zealand and beyond
  • Benefit from ongoing support and advice from our New Zealand team
  • Experience living and working abroad in one of the most beautiful countries in the world
  • Discover New Zealand’s diverse mix of cultures and traditions

Trip Summary

New Zealand is probably best known for its jaw-dropping scenery, endless list of adrenalin-fuelled activities, and sheep. Yes, there are lots of sheep. But did you know New Zealand is in the top ten of the world’s happiest countries? So if you’re thinking of working abroad for a year, this is a good place to start. With this programme, we’ll get you set up with accommodation and work, and offer you support and advice as you travel around the country for the first few months. You’ll have the chance to learn new skills, experience different cultures, and travel through the most remote and beautiful landscapes, from mammoth snow-capped mountains and vast tumbling valleys, to tropical sandy beaches and striking natural fjords, while hopping from lively cosmopolitan cities to quaint little villages and rural working farms as you discover the best bits of New Zealand for yourself.

Interested and want to find out more? Download more trip information and detailed itinerary HERE!

From Auckland airport, you’ll hop on a SkyBus to get to your hostel in the city centre. Familiarise yourself with your surroundings by lounging in the spa area on the rooftop, enjoying a beer and taking in the sights from the sun terrace, getting to know your fellow travellers and roommates, or take a wander through the cosmopolitan city streets.

You’ll be given full orientation on the first working day after your arrival, where your New Zealand co-ordinator will tell you about the local area, jobs on offer, explain a bit about travelling round the rest of the country, and most importantly be able to tell you about the best places to party while you’re in the city! You’ll also be given the following items and information:

  • Welcome pack
  • 48 hours Wifi
  • 1 month luggage storage
  • Work NZ Handbook with diary and information about living in NZ
  • Complementary drink voucher for the hostel bar
  • SIM card
  • 1 year’s hostel membership

You’ll also have a one-to-one meeting with a member of the jobs team within the first few days of your arrival. Together you can discuss previous work experience, preferences for types of work, what to expect from different jobs, and help getting your CV up to scratch if necessary. From there you’ll be able to start searching for suitable jobs all over New Zealand, with help and support making your applications. Generally there will be around 60-120 jobs for you to choose from, depending on the season. The jobs team will also sort out all the important stuff too, like getting you set up with a bank account, sorting out a tax number, and arranging interviews for you so you can get going as quickly as possible.

Remember to prepare and bring your CV, or résumé, with you – it needs to be kept to two pages and should detail your past work experience, education, and any additional relevant skills. Also bring at least four passport photos with you.

There are jobs for skilled workers in IT, healthcare, forestry, and accounting, but the majority of job vacancies will be in the following industries:


Bars, cafes, restaurants, and hotels provide a variety of different jobs for travellers. You could find yourself working on the reception desk of a swanky hotel, helping out in a busy restaurant kitchen, waiting on tables at a popular cafe, or mixing cocktails at the best bar in town! It totally depends what skills and experience you have as to the role you’ll end up in, but generally hospitality jobs are fun and sociable – and suited to those with brilliant people skills.

Home help and au pair work

A great option for anyone with experience of working with children, home help and au pair work is varied and interesting, and will give you a good insight into the New Zealand way of life. Most of these placements will include your accommodation – which is perfect if you’re looking for more of a family setting to call home while you’re away. Please note all placements with children will require a DBS check.

Farm/seasonal work

Farm work can be paid or voluntary in exchange for food and accommodation – so check the details of each job you apply for and work out what will suit your situation best. You can expect to do anything from fruit picking and crop harvesting, to helping with maintenance and animal care. It’s a popular option for a lot of travellers, and while it’s fun, do be prepared to be on your feet doing physical work most days.

Labour and construction

You’ll find a selection of jobs in the construction industry that require a mix of skilled and general workers, but the most important thing an employer looking for a labourer will want to know is that you’re physically fit to carry out tasks that will include heavy lifting. Experience will be a huge advantage for this kind of work, but you might find some companies simply looking for grafters.

Short and long term temping/office work

Most towns and cities will have a constant need for temporary office workers, whether a company has a big project that requires an extra pair of hands, or to cover staff absences, and, if you have office experience, are a good source of income as you move from place to place. The opportunities for this sort of work are limitless – you could be working in IT, admin, graphic design, sales, marketing, accounts, banking... any industry really! And there should be a good selection of different length contracts for you to choose from.

When you’re looking for work, try to be open-minded – the point of a working holiday is to fund your travels, not focus on a career, and while your experience in New Zealand will look great on your CV, the emphasis on this programme is fun and is an opportunity to experience something different to the norm. Do remember you need to be able to dedicate your time and attention to the work you’re applying for – these are real companies paying real money for you to do a job, so you will need to commit to the workload you’re being offered. Above all, enjoy yourself – this is an experience you will recount throughout the rest of your life.

If your plan is to travel around as much of New Zealand as possible, it’s worth thinking about getting a travel pass for the year, which will save you dipping into the beer fund each time you want to move on. Our Kiwi Experience Bus Pass package is valid for 12 months and doesn’t tie you to an itinerary, but will ensure you see as much of both the north and south islands as possible.


  • Airport transfer on arrival
  • 7 night’s accommodation
  • 7 breakfasts
  • Full orientation session
  • Bank account set up assistance
  • 12 months online job access
  • Tea and coffee at the hostel
  • 48 hours free Wifi
  • Job assistance at an office in Auckland
  • 24/7 emergency support

  • Flights
  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals


You’ll be staying in a hostel right in the centre of Auckland for your first seven nights. Accommodation is in mutli-share, 6 bed dormitory style accommodation. Located in the buzzing Britomart area, you’ll have restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, shops, museums and theatres right on your doorstep, as well as a rooftop spa and sauna, sundeck with views across the harbour, a bar, free Wifi, and a chill out area in the hostel. It’s a great place to stay, and a sociable community of travellers with different activities lined up most nights – which is a great way to meet people and make friends quickly.

After your initial seven nights, you can choose to extend your stay at the hostel, or look at getting a house share with other travellers. The friendly team at the hostel will be able to help you arrange this as well as advise you on work, places to visit locally, and travel throughout the rest of the country.

You will be given breakfast vouchers to use at a local cafe for your first week, lunch and dinner is up to you. You’ll have a huge variety of restaurants and cafes to eat out in, or if you prefer, visit the supermarket and local shops and prepare your own meals in the communal kitchen area at the hostel.


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You should arrange flights to Auckland International Airport (AKL) to arrive any time on the first day of your booking. From the airport you will need to catch an Airbus to the city centre.

You will have three month’s support from a job desk assistant, and 12 month’s access to the online jobs board while you’re in New Zealand – please ensure you have the correct Working Holiday Visa before you travel.

To arrange your flights, contact our fantastic flights team on 01892 277037 or email them at [email protected] They will be able to search for the best flight offers to your chosen destinations, so you can plan and organise your trip in one place. Just make sure you give them your full name, as stated in your passport, along with your chosen departure dates, return dates, and any other details you want to include.


You will need to be aged 18-30 to take part in this programme due to Working Holiday Visa regulations.

You must apply for a Working Holiday Visa for this programme, which you’ll need to obtain before travelling to New Zealand. To be eligible for a Working Holiday Visa under this scheme you must:

Hold a valid passport, with at least six months remaining following return.

Not be accompanied by children on your visit.

Have a valid return flight ticket, or have sufficient funds to buy a return ticket.

Meet the relevant health and character requirements.

Not previously have been approved under the New Zealand Working Holiday Scheme for a visa or permit.

If applying within New Zealand, be in possession of a valid temporary permit.

The New Zealand Working Holiday Visa Scheme is currently available to holders of passports from:

Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Singapore (work exchange programme), Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

Note: In order to open a bank account in New Zealand, you will need to provide your tax number from your home country (National Insurance number in the UK). Please ensure that you take a note of this number when you travel. 

How Do I Get To The Hostel?

From Auckland airport you’ll need to take a SkyBus to the city centre. They run every 10-15 minutes during the day, and every 20-30 minutes after 7pm, and the journey takes approximately 40-50 minutes depending on traffic. You can get a ticket at the airport for 18NZD/£10, which will be reimbursed to you when you check in to the hostel.

What Happens After The First Seven Days?

Most travellers choose to extend their stay after the first week, but the staff at the hostel will be able to help you arrange a house share or accommodation in another part of the country if you’re moving on.

Can I Extend My Working Holiday Visa?

If you find you’re not ready to go home within 12 months, you can apply for an extension on your Working Holiday Visa for up to 23 months. You’ll need to fill out an application form and get a medical check up as part of the process.

Do I Need To Bring Anything To Set Up A Bank Account And Tax File Number?

It is important that you make a note of your tax number from your home country and bring this with you to New Zealand as this will be required when setting up your bank account and tax file number. For UK citizens, this is your National Insurance number.



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