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Round the World

Gap Year Round the World

There's no better way to spend your gap year than travelling around the world – you'll experience different cultures, discover out-of-this-world destinations, and make tons of new friends. It also looks great on your CV.

Adventure travel Round the World

The real adventure is in the travelling itself, but if you're looking for specific adventure tours all over the world, then you're in the right place. From mountain trekking, jungle tours, and high-octane activities, we've got a huge range of incredible adventures that'll be right up your street. 

Customise your own Round the World

The world is literally your oyster when it comes to planning a Round the World trip, so choose the continents you'd most like to visit, work out a budget, and start jotting down your 'top trip wishlist'. We can combine any number of tours and experiences to make your travel dreams a reality.

Work & Volunteering Round the World

Thinking about volunteering for a good cause abroad? Or maybe you'd like to spend up to a year taking on paid work in sunnier climes – do both if you like! We can talk you through all the options. 

Round the World Tours

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