Sports & Activities

Gap year travel does not just have to be about exploring incredible countries around the world. It can also be a unique opportunity to explore the sports and activities you love at home in new and exciting locations. 

Whether horse riding in Australia or the USA, scuba diving in Fiji, saling in Australia or even surfing in Costa Rica - there are so many sports and activities just waiting for you to enjoy on your gap year.

You could even discover the thrill of extreme sports and activities you have never tried before - like ranching in the Australian Outback or scuba diving in warm blue oceans. .

Check out our diverse range of extreme sports packages available and prepare for some adrenalin-fuelled adventures. There is a whole range of thrilling challenges just waiting for you to try.

If you've got any questions about sports trips then just ask our team now. Or why not download a brochure to find out more...